We wanted to provide a dependable and organized resource for 4Runner mods, installs and product reviews that you can actually trust.

Many of you already know the story, but the new store brings a little twist. Since our creation of Trail4Runner.com in 2014, our goal was simple. We wanted to provide a more dependable and organized resource for 4Runner mods, step by step installs and product reviews that you can actually trust.

Over the last few years, our community of 4Runner owners has grown substantially and continues to rise. With our growth came a few Trail4R stickers and decals for the drivers out there looking for some HP gains. We started with the red die cut sticker and migrated into the Trail4R.com decals which were and always will be FREE. That’s right, you read that correctly, we will always offer a free sticker to the community members who want to rep the brand. And, although we would love to ship everything to your front door in two days or less with blue packing tape, we aren’t quite at the Amazon level yet, but watch out Jeff, I am coming for you.

After numerous questions about T-shirts and clothing coming in stock, we knew we needed to figure out a solution. Our goal with the store is to bring the community some creative 4Runner T-Shirts, Hoodies, and other swagalicious threads.

Whether they are new clothing, patch or sticker designs, we hope to constantly bring some new goods to the table that are worth a damn. We want to accomplish this while focusing on our original vision, killer 4Runner product reviews, installs, and overviews.

Trail4R has connected with an apparel printing company that allows us to offer just about every size, color and thread option you can imagine. From T-Shirts to Hoodies and Tanks to Caps, we are going to have the ability to offer thousands of items.

Hopefully one day down the road, we can partner with select companies to bring you specialized, one of a kind items that can only be found on our store or in the stores of our partners.

We have some solid ideas brewing so check back often and as always, keep it wild and tread lightly 4Runner fam!

PS: Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us. Buying a $2 sticker really does mean the world to us! And it might even help buy my daughter a book for college one day. : )