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Since our team is not dedicated to running a full fulfillment center, our shipping may take longer than expected. Don’t get your hopes up for 2-day shipping over here. We’re not Amazon and have no intention of shipping goods at hyper speeds. If you order stickers or decals, those will more than likely come in a #11 envelope with our made-to-order packaging.

Just like your favorite boutique restaurant, our stickers, decals, and/or patches are made to order. We don’t hyper process your order like fast food over here. For patch shipping, you can expect the same made-to-order with love and care packaging; however, the envelope may be padded. In any case, your shipping may take anywhere within 3-10 days for stickers, decals, and/or patches.


Using a Warehousing & Fulfillment center for our clothing, this allows us to stick true to our original focus and create stunning content. All packages will be sent from a 3rd party fulfillment center. That means your clothing items will not be printed, packaged or fulfilled by any team member of With that being said, you have many shipping options to choose from. Shipping options that our fulfillment center will provide can be found below:

  • Economy (5-8 business days after fulfillment)
  • Standard (3-5 business days after fulfillment)
  • Express (1-3 business days after fulfillment)
  • Overnight (1 business day after fulfillment)
  • Flat Rate (5-8 business days after fulfillment)


Stickers | Patches | Decals

This one’s easy. Just don’t return them. But if you must return our sliced-with-love stickers, patches, and/or decals for any reason (wrong item, this month’s rents due, etc.), please mail it to the return address on the envelope. And our team will handle the rest.


If for some act of higher-power you don’t like your new 4Runner hoodie, t-shirt, or tank then you may return your purchased item(s). To return any purchased item(s) for any reason (wrong address, broken, etc.), please mail it to the return address on the package it came in, and our fulfillment center will take care of it.